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Mobility Concept Berlin Festival

Client: Sache Society Ltd. & Co. KG

Project description:

The Berlin Festival’s sixth edition was launched based on a new concept, with a new distribution of locations and the addition of new ones. The event logistics represented a real challenge due to its dimensions: 70 performances at Tempelhof Airport and at the Arena Berlin-Treptow and over 1.000 visitors, who changed locations within 90 minutes. After the pleasant and successful experience of working together in the Ferropolis Project, the event organizer Sache Society hires team red to develop a mobility concept for the Berlin Festival.

Services: The special service of buses was the right solution. Thanks to our regional network in the public transport branch, team red was able to arrange enough buses within a few days, which guaranteed a successful and trouble-free development of the festival. Moreover, the new mobility concept made possible that the flow of visitors was smoothly handled under strict supervision regarding security standards. Alternative possibilities were provided to those visitors who, instead to Treptow, chose to travel to other destinations by U- and S-Bahn (underground and suburban railway system respectively in Berlin).

Project number for further inquiries: P234


Transport Planning and Mobility Management for the Melt! Festival

The Melt! Festival is widely known for offering a very special combination of famous Dj’s and indie rock bands. Nevertheless, the festival, which takes places on the former brown coal open-cast mine of Ferropolis, will be now even more famous thanks to the innovative transport concept and mobility management developed by team red. The project was soundly underlain by a previous work collaboration with Ferropolis, the city made of iron, the Melt!Festival, the Green Music Initiative, the city of Gräfenhainichen and the public transport.

But the proud region also showed two drawbacks: the 20.000 visitors came each time with at least 8.000 vehicles to camp. In doing so, they blocked motorways, as well as arrivals and departures, and had to deal with long waiting times in order to park. In fact, the maximal capacity of 25.000 people of the open-air site had never been reached due to these parking problems.

Because of our numerous references from similar projects, team red was hired to be in charge of the transport planning and mobility management for the event. The result: Gräfenhainichen successfully organized transport flows all around the event site by implementing our mobility management and transport planning proposals. That represents a pioneering action in Germany and within the sector as well.

The baptism of fire of this new concept took place on May 30th 2010 for the Melt!-Picknick.

Contact: Bodo Schwieger, PhD. Email, Telephon: +49 (0)30 - 138 986 37

Related links: www.meltfestival.de, www.ferropolis.de

Project number for further inquiries: P182


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