Pia Blessing

Team Leader

Dr. Bodo Schwieger

Deputy Team Leader

Mobility Services, Car-Sharing

Dr. Johannes Theißen

Public Transport and urban mobility

Philipp Böhme

Routing analysis, GIS

Sven Diekmannshemke

Transport Planning and modelling

Axel Quanz

Economic Analysis and Business Concepts

Angela Zscheischler

Project development

Funding acquisition

Maximilian Heinrich

Cartography and data analysis

Matthias Nüßgen

Integrated planning and feasibility studies

Claus Grimm

Market Research

Antje Merschel

cycling promotion

Willehad Grafenhorst


Thomas Lau

management consultancy

Verena Engel

bicycle traffic planning

Thomas Stahl

innovation management

Jens Müller

mobility budget & air quality

Matthias Allgeyer

„Software as a Service“ solutions

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