The Action Program for Mobility Management


Client: dena, German Energy Agency

Project description: Introduction of the "Mobility Management" concept in companies and municipalities in order to improve efficiency based on optimal mobility planning. The objective is to save energy as economic benefit for companies and municipalities and as environmental benefit for the society. www.effizient-mobil.de.


  • Definition of a network in Berlin-Brandenburg and Munich
  • Celebration of regular events
  • Information from companies about free initial consultancy
  • Qualification of detailed applications for the initial consultancy
  • Registration for the competition in the frame of the program
  • Quality assurance of the external image

Project number for further inquiries: P218



Client: dena, German Energy Agency

Project description: The framework program efficient mobile sponsors initial consulting in selected companies and municipalities, so that they have a good understanding of the mobility management planning approach.


  • Analysis of the traffic situation
  • Conducting of employee surveys
  • Communication with works councils
  • Arrangement of best-practice
  • Process analyses
  • Proposals for short- and long-term optimization

Recipients of consultancy services are:

  • BMW Group
  • Ricardo Inc.
  • Lufthansa Inc.
  • Lidl
  • Solon Mobility Ltd.
  • Ferropolis Ltd.
  • Berliner Stadtreinigung
  • Universitätsklinikum Jena
  • Distric administration of Pankow (Berlin)
  • Kleinmachnow community (by Berlin)
  • Hansestadt Rostock
  • Gemeinde Bergkirchen (by Munich)
  • Garching (by Munich)
  • Pullach (by Munich)
  • Weilheim (by Munich)
  • Planegg (by Munich)
  • A leading German audit company

Further information: Tobias Kipp

www.dena.de, www.effizient-mobil.de



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