Mobility Management for Schools

Measures regarding Mobility Management for primary schools and for early levels of secondary school aim to teach about traffic and mobility socialization; that is, to influence mobility behaviour through education. Another objective is to reduce the volume of traffic originated by dropping-off and picking-up trips from parents in front of the doors and, by doing so, to provide a safer traffic situation around the school. Integration between traffic safety education (teaching traffic regulations and behaviour about road transport) and social, environmental and health education is possible through child-oriented approaches and using game-based learning techniques. Specifically, how to deal with problems and safety issues in school paths by foot plays an important role in primary school education, while, for upper educational levels, a safe bicycle use within traffic is more relevant.

Possible approaches are for example:

  • Definition and implementation of a mobility campaign at the urban or administrative level, for example as competition
  • Gain of possible participant primary schools by organizing a contest and offering economic rewards for the best (innovative) schools
  • Walking by foot to school at least once a week
  • Actions at the school and its surroundings
  • Organization and celebration of a "Green Day" at the urban or administrative level once a year
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