Client: traffiQ – Local Urban Transport Society, Frankfurt am Main Ltd.

Project descirption: The Höchst Industrial Park is located to the west of Frankfurt am Main and accommodates on a surface of over 400 hectares about 90 companies and 22.000 workers. Guaranteeing suitable mobility possibilities for trips within and to and from the area represents a major challenge. A comprehensive mobility management concept was developed and implemented for the industrial park in the frame of the EU-project ICMA. An efficient organization of personal mobility (commuting, work trips, client trips, etc.) is the central focus of the project. Also, the project contributes to avoid traffic jams and to reduce emissions.
In order to supply employees with short and precise information about their mobility options, an information system – composed of flyer and display – has to be developed. Specifically, the system has to show how to get to the industrial park using public transport modes and how to move within the site using the work bus.


  • Advice
  • Research
  • Design and layout of printed products

Project number for further inquiries: P257



Client: traffiQ – Local Urban Transport Society, Frankfurt am Main Ltd.

Project description: The business park Frankfurt/Fechenheim is located to the east of the urban area of Fechenheim, in Frankfurt, and near the city limit of Offenbach. There, numerous companies are established, such as Siemens, Schenker, DHL and UPS.Transport connections with public transport modes were not optimal since lot of car traffic filled up the site and the surrounding urban area. traffiQ conducted a worker survey that led them to take further steps to find solutions. The objective of the project was to guide and support traffiQ in order to establish a comprehensive mobility management service in Fechenheim.


  • Mobility Management Concept for the business park Fechenheim
  • Integral analyses of the initial situation
  • Development of measure proposals
  • Intensification of communication with companies in the site
  • Development of mobility flyers

Project number for further inquiries: P256



Client: traffiQ – Local Urban Transport Society, Frankfurt am Main Ltd.

Project description: A comprehensive mobility management strategy is developed and implemented for the Höchst Industrial Park in the frame of the EU-project ICMA. Some measures were already applied and finished, such as the integration of the industrial park in the commuting portal Rhein-Main, in order to promote carpooling, improvement in mobility information supply in the worker brochure, and the reworking of the intranet.


  • Further development of the work-bus system
  • Introduction of the job-ticket
  • Creation of a mobility manager in the company
  • Development of a mobility internet portal
  • Development of flyers for the employees
  • Implementation of further communication measures
  • Development of a mobility card

Project number for further inquiries: P246



Client: Volkswagen AG

Project description: On November the 2nd 2011 Volkswagen AG launched in Hannover and with a major press event a new car sharing service:
Quicar offers 200 Golf Bluemotion as short-term rental at about 50 stations since mid-November 2010. The service combines a car sharing offer based on a station system with a single time tariff. The "Quicar Plus" service is offered as a complement and allows selected retailers to use other vehicles types around Hannover for a longer period of time. At the moment, the project only serves the city of Hannover and new additions to the vehicle fleet and an enlargement of current services are foreseen.


team red supports Volkswagen with:

  • the concept development
  • the selection of the city
  • the analyses of the surroundings, competition and partnership
  • the identification of target groups
  • and the selection of stations

In addition to that, the figure of the Object-Manager, whose mission is the administration of locations, is included in another project.

Project number for further inquiries: P225


TollCollect GmbH

Services: Additional analyses in order to introduce new software components

Project number for further inquiries: P208


Daimler AG

Client: Daimler AG

Project description: Guidance and support in order to introduce in the market an innovative car rental system in Ulm and Austin, Texas.


  • Customer analysis / target group definition
  • Qualitative and quantitative customer surveys
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Monitoring of the market
  • Competitor analyses (Mystery Shopping)

Project number for further inquiries: P131

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