Mobility Management for Municipalities

Optimal mobility goes hand in hand with acceptable costs and major requirements about sustainability. Currently, communities and cities are to affront this challenge. Mobility Management develops forward-looking concepts considering all these requirements.
Citizens' needs always come first during the process. We develop integrated mobility solutions and innovative services, which optimize the mobility patterns of each target group. The objective is to offer efficient door to door trip possibilities and target group-oriented information.

The goals of municipal Mobility Management are:

  • Environmentally-friendly modal shift
  • Higher efficiency, lower costs
  • Safer mobility for all citizens
  • Positive public image – avoidance of restrictive measures
  • Lower resource consumption, more sustainability levels

Information and communication measures, promotion of bicycle use and walking trips, optimization of public transport supply, promotion of carpooling and car sharing, as well as parking management belong to these action areas. Suitable sets of measures are developed for each specific target group, such as commuters to work, students, new citizens, elderly and migrants.


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